Fluon+ MODIFIERS incorporate functionalized fluoropolymers into existing polymer matrices and composites. This greatly improves the material’s impact resistance. It also reduces defects that occur under high-temperature molding and can improve yield. This technology can also be applied to engineered plastics to enhance tolerance against high loads and high temperatures. Modified composites and plastics with fluoropolymers exhibit excellent water absorption, wear resistance, surface protection, low coefficient of friction, flame retardance and more.

Physical properties of PA6 modified by the addition of Fluon+™ MODIFIERS”

Modified-Plastics Physical Properties
Impact strength Tensile strength Flexural strength Abrasion quality Water absorption
Modified-PA6 Improved Same → Same → Improved Improved

The impact strength of other modified plastics (mPPS, mPEI, mPEEK, mPA12, mPAMXD6) is also improved by the addition of Fluon+™ MODIFIERS.

Main Product Types

Grade Material Melting Point
LH-8000 ETFE 190℃
AH-5000 ETFE 225℃
AH-2000 ETFE 245℃
EA-2000 PFA 300℃

Molding temperature range


Please contact us if you want our material in the shape of powder or dispersion.