About Fluon+™


Fluon+ combines AGC‘s technological leadership in functional fluoropolymers with its expertise in high performance polymers, compounds and composites technology. Under the Fluon+ brand, AGC proposes fluoropolymer products which deliver enhanced values and performance, going beyond the performance threshold of our existing Fluon fluoropolymer products.

What Does AGC do with Fluon+™ ?

  • Functional fluoropolymers further improve upon the performance of existing fluoropolymers and add performance previously absent in fluoropolymers.
  • Overturning the conventional idea that fluorine is hard to mix, Fluon+ has dramatically improved the performance of general plastics and engineering plastics.
  • With Fluon+, a unique composite material, we have cultivated a market that has not yet been penetrated by fluoropolymers.

And we combine all these proposals with the outstanding properties of fluoropolymers:

  • Flame Retardance

    Flame Retardance

  • Anti-Friction


  • Optical Properties

    Optical Properties

  • Heat Resistance

    Heat Resistance

  • Weatherability


  • Water and Oil Repellency

    Water and Oil Repellency

  • Electrical Properties

    Electrical Properties

  • Chemical Resistance

    Chemical Resistance